“...My only regret is that I didn't know about the Spartans sooner so my son could've played with them longer.”

"We are grateful and blessed to be a part of this organization. We wish we knew about the NC Spartans sooner when Isaiah first started playing basketball in 8th grade. This organization does it the right way and for the right reasons. They truly love and care about each of their players."

Sarah Buhendwa - Mother of Isaiah Ramazani ('23)

"The NC Spartans are hands down the best organization around. My family was fortunate to be a part of the program. It is been incredible to see the growth of all players across the program and how much the coaches genuinely love them. I have watched multiple NC Spartans' coaches at various high school games watching their past players."

Jody Davis - Father of Jordan Davis ('23)

"In an era of self-centered, undisciplined, and often immoral high level youth sports, the Spartans stand out for their love of the kids, their love of our great sport basketball, their commitment to character, the fun that their teams have, and an underlying faith which binds it all together. Our kids could have played just about anywhere but playing for the Spartans was a no-brainer. Very grateful my boys were privileged enough to be coached and mentored by the Spartan staff."

Pearce Landry- Father of Pearce Jr ('16) and Robert ('18)

"The NC Spartans are a breath of fresh air in this era of travel basketball. My son, who is playing college basketball now, played with the Spartans for one summer and it was the best travel ball experience we have had. I have seen a lot in 25 years of coaching basketball at the school and AAU level and the Spartans have the best travel organization I have seen. They do everything the right way, including having coaches that carry themselves with character and class."

Ken Phillips - Father of Carter ('17)

"The NC Spartans organization played an enormously vital role in my son Luke's basketball maturation, which ultimately led to him getting the opportunity to become a scholarship athlete in college.  No one does it better than the Spartans if what you want is good coaching from guys who care about your son and his success, a safe, positive environment within which to practice, travel and play, and the opportunity to play in front of college coaches that represent programs commensurate with your son's abilities.   In a world where the term "travel ball" has birthed too many organizations with too many hands out and too many coaches in the business for the wrong reasons, be assured that the NC Spartans are in the minority...they are in for the kids. "

Keith Bagby - Father of Luke ('17)

"My son played for the NC Spartans for two seasons.  This group has some of the best coaches in the area and the coaches truly care about the boys. They help them become not just better basketball players, but better men as well.  NC Spartans helped him accomplish his dream of playing college basketball!"

Jenny Weston- Mother of Andy Pack ('18)

"We absolutely LOVED the NC Spartans Basketball Club. My ONLY regret is that I didn't know about them sooner so my son could've played with them longer. The coaches and leadership were so professional and organized. My son thrived with this program and received a lot of exposure and social media from them for college basketball programs. Josh Thompson, founder of this program really takes an interest in his players and has continued to be a wonderful mentor and friend for my son even after he graduated high school. I cannot say enough nice things about the NC Spartans and highly encourage anyone whose son is interested in getting a lot better on the court and possibly playing at another level after high school to check out this basketball program!"

Dana Hussey - Mother of Dan Gross ('18)

"My son is playing for the NC Spartans 12U team this spring with Coach Wall and Coach Duggins. It is his first time playing for a club team in travel basketball. As a family, we really appreciate the organization, communication, and overall culture they create and provide for the boys.
We've mostly stayed away from travel ball up to this point due to some less than stellar stories I've heard and styles of play I've witnessed first hand that I don't feel are best for youth development.

This has made me that much more appreciative of coaches Wall and Duggins along with the NC Spartans organization as a whole thus far. On the basketball side I feel the style of play is great for this age group, I like the way the coaches push them, get on them, and hold them accountable but do it in a positive and encouraging way. I see progress in my son already, in just this first month worth of practices and one tournament. The initial progress is encouraging and most importantly he is having fun and it has him excited as well."

Chris Bristol - Current NC Spartan Parent

"The NC Spartans have done an incredible job building a program with recruitable, high academic players year in and year out. As a college basketball coach, it is a program I am in touch with regularly. The coaches do a great job promoting players to coaches at the correct level. All the coaches within the Spartans organization are always available to talk with college coaches and help their players in the recruiting process. I would highly recommend the NC Spartans program and know that they will continue to produce great student-athletes moving forward."
Aaron Toomey - Asst. Coach Vassar College
"My son has participated in several individual workouts and small group workouts. This program is extremely well organized, fun, and the coaches always challenge the players! I would highly recommend this club to players just starting out and seasoned players that need to be challenged!"
Britt Heath - Current NC Spartan Parent
"The NC Spartans program is one of the best in NC. As a college coach, I have noticed the program consistently has very recruitable high academic players every year. The coaches in the organization do a phenomenal job not only promoting their players to the next level, but they promote them to the correct level. As a player looking to reach the next level or a coach searching for guys, I would definitely recommend checking out the NC Spartans program."
Kevin Weckworth - Asst. Coach at Union College